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9th February 2013

Question with 11 notes

Anonymous said: What is the weirdest fan interaction you have ever had? You have to have some great/funny stories.

LOL I have a lot.. At a convention once I had a woman come up to me to buy a DVD because her husband was a huge fan and too nervous to come ask for himself. He stood like 30ft away from my booth and just blushed and looked down at the floor. It was cute.

9th February 2013

Question with 3 notes

djdiablo36 said: Of all the b/g scenes you've shot, who would you say fucked you the hardest/best?

Hmmm that’s a tough one. I have been fucked so good so many times :)

9th February 2013

Question with 2 notes

Anonymous said: have you ever had sex with more than one guy?? I mean in your private life


9th February 2013

Question with 9 notes

Anonymous said: What would it take for an average guy like me to marry a pornstar like you?

Make me laugh and treat me well

9th February 2013

Question with 6 notes

Anonymous said: are you hot?

currently? No.. it’s actually quite cold in my house.

9th February 2013

Question with 15 notes

Anonymous said: Whats your height, weight, shoe size, measurements and boob size?

I am 5’11, 165lbs, 9, and 34 DDD

9th February 2013

Question with 17 notes

Anonymous said: Does penis size matter? What is the biggest and smallest dick you ever had? What is ideal? What is too big and too small?

Too small would be if I can’t feel it. Too big would be if it didn’t fit. I’m happy with anything in between the two. Penis size doesn’t¬†necessarily matter, it’s all about how the guy uses it. I’ve had sex with guys with huge dicks that had no idea how to use them.¬†And men with smaller dicks that were amazing in bed. So the moral of the story is learn to work with what you have :)

9th February 2013

Question with 12 notes

Anonymous said: Would you ever date a short guy?

yes. Height doesn’t matter

9th February 2013

Question with 5 notes

Anonymous said: What do you look for in a guy?

I like men who are clean, driven, outgoing, artistic

9th February 2013

Question with 1 note

Anonymous said: what's your shoe size